The Pleasures of the Sole

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Photo by Elmer Batters

There’s a reason foot fetishism is the most common type of sexual fetish. Feet are sexy. Feet are beautiful. Feet are pleasurable. I’m sure many of you who are reading this are thinking, “no frickin’ way! My feet are definitely not sexy. Have you seen my feet?” Well I’m here to ‘knock you off your feet’, to shift your perspective and to release your inner foot lover.

Let’s start with some foot adoration. Feet are often the first part of a mother or father that a toddler touches (which may explain the psychological origins and development of the foot fetish, Dr. Brenda Love explains in her sexual encyclopedia…) Your feet carry you, they support you, help you stand, walk, run, play and dance. They ground you, help you balance and explore the world. Your feet deserve some TLC.

The feet and the genitals also occupy adjacent areas of the brain’s somatosensory cortex – so it’s not surprising that having them touched can trigger sexual arousal. 

The poem “Your Feet” by the renowned poet Pablo Neruda is one of the greatest love poems ever written. The poet writes that he adores his lover’s feet as they support her, her gentle weight, her waist and her breasts, “the double purple” of her nipples and her “wide fruit mouth.” And beautifully, the poem ends with the verse, “but I love your feet / only because they walked / upon the earth and upon / the wind and upon the waters, / until they found me.”

Channeling my inner Neruda, I’m here to help you fall in love with your soles (sorry I couldn’t help it).  Even better, I’m here to advocate for “toe curling” orgasms by having your feet kissed, touched, licked, and massaged. The soles of your feet have more sensitive nerve endings per square centimetre than any other part of your body. The feet and the genitals also occupy adjacent areas of the brain’s somatosensory cortex – so it’s not surprising that having them touched can trigger sexual arousal. Some women can orgasm simply by having a foot rub. (I wish!)

In our misguided attempts to “stampede for the clitoris’ (to use a Monty Python expression), our feet have become neglected. So, here’s a little 101 on sexual foot-play, because foreplay may very well ‘start with the feet.’

1. Dress Your Feet Up

Wash and dress your feet up – paint your toes (maybe your partner can do this…), henna paint your feet, put on a pair of sexy thigh-high stockings, high heeled shoes, toe rings – whatever you’d like. Strutt your stuff, tease your partner with your adorned feet before letting your partner unbuckle – or slip off your shoes, peel (or rip) off your stockings and kiss and lick your feet.

2. The Wonders of Oil

Pour some oil into your hands, rubbing your hands together (making them nice and warm) and massage your partner’s feet. Use your fingers to squeeze and knead all over the soles and toes and work your way up from the feet up and back down again. Use edible massage oil for extra fun.

3. The Foot Job

Oil up your feet and give your partner a foot job. (Don’t have cold feet for you and your partner’s sake). Place the penis between the arches of your feet and have a go at it! Let your partner put his penis through your oiled-up toes.

4. The Toe Job

Make the most of your toes and forget your fingers. Rub your toes along your partners body and around their genitals. Use your toes to explore each other’s body.

5. Enjoy a Good Toe Sucking!

Yes, sucking on toes is an acquired taste for some people – but it’s time to push your boundaries and get creative (although, you may prefer to have clean, pedicured feet for this one…)  And encourage your partner to suck on your toes while you’re having intercourse.

There’s also professional foot massages, reflexology and practices like QiGong that use pressure points in your feet to promote self-healing and sexual arousal. Reflexologists claim that the middle/upper part of the soles of the feet respond to the solar plexus and can send waves of sexual energy to your breasts and nipples. The inside and outside of the ankles are sensitive spots with numerous nerve endings that correspond directly to the most important erogenous zones of the body – the vagina, penis, uterus and prostate.

In QiGong and Chinese Medicine your feet are one of our main energy centres because we draw the Yin energy of Earth into our body through our feet. The pressure point called “Bubbling Spring” (Yongquan – or Kidney 1) located in the middle of the sole, just below the balls of our feet is one of the most important pressure points in Qigong practice. It triggers a “bubbling up” of energy (including sexual energy) and has a rooting, grounding effect that reduces anxiety, anger, nervousness and insomnia.

Not surprisingly, Sigmund Freud ascribed foot fetishism to the notion that feet are a penis symbol. Not sure about that Sigmund – because to me, the love and worship of feet is simply part of the full range of sexual pleasure.

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