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Grand Master Moses transformed from being one of the top martial artists in the world to being

“the world’s happiest mad scientist.” This is a story about Moses’ transformation.

Moses discovered a tool that he believes will heal the world and bring peace.

About Us…

We Create Engaging Stories

Parallel Vision Productions was founded by two award-winning story editors who share the same Vision — to make original and engaging stories, videos, and documentaries that challenge preconceived ideas and offer unique ways of perceiving the world.

At Parallel Vision Productions, we have a combined 30+ years of experience in broadcast media and documentary media production. We aim to inspire and to entertain – but mostly, we want to create a meaningful viewing – and listening – experience.

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How We Work…

We start with an idea that we’re passionate about and our creative process flows from this central place. It’s about trust in ourselves, our team and having the determination to make our creative vision come to life.

We want to open our minds to different ways of seeing and do our small share to help make our world a better place.

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be original

be Creative

be daring

Who We Are…


Pedro Orrego and Michelle Melles are independent filmmakers and Toronto-based producers, directors and story editors. They helped to create and launch the internationally-syndicated and Gemini-award winning documentary television show SexTV (Gemini 2004 for Best Lifestyle Show in Canada; Gemini-nomination 2002, 2003). This documentary television show was broadcast for ten seasons on conventional, national broadcast television and explored sexuality and gender around the world in an intelligent, thought-provoking and cutting-edge way.


Michelle Melles is director, writer and producer with a background in independent documentary media, broadcast television production, and magazine journalism.

Since 2000, she has story edited, produced and directed for some of the top television networks and channels in Canada including Space, Bravo, Fashion Television, Chum Television and CTV. For ten seasons, she directed, produced and story-edited multiple television documentary short films including “Sister Wives: Born into Polygamy” (2008), “Unnatural Selection: Eugenics in North America” (2005), “Sex, Love, and Race: A Legacy of Slavery in America” (2001), and the ground-breaking documentary short film “Intersexuality: Redefining Sex” (2000) – which is still shown in the departments of sociology at the University of Chicago, University of Michigan and York University.

She has written for BUST Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Eye (magazine), and is a staff writer for

Find Your Pleasure.

She is an honours University of Toronto graduate (with high distinction) and is currently getting her Masters in Fine Arts in Documentary Media at Ryerson University.


Pedro Orrego has been a story editor for some of the most prominent production companies and networks/channels in Canada & the U.S, including the Discovery Channel Canada/U.S., HGTV Canada/U.S., the History Channel, the Food Network, CBC, CTV, CHUM Television, City TV and Production Companies including Paperny Films/ (E-One), Proper Television, Cineflix, Architect Films, Cream Productions, and Temple Street.


He is also a musician


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